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Lessons with Roger Ingram

At home and away, Roger is available to teach private lessons. He is also available for online lessons via Skype.

 Online lessons via Skype

If you have a computer with internet access and a webcam, you can now have a lesson with Roger. All you need is to setup a Skype account and buy lesson time.

The rate for online Skype lessons is $50 per half-hour. Generally, for your first online lesson with Roger, you must purchase a minimum of 2 half-hour sessions. However, in emergency situations, Roger is available for troubleshooting at short notice. You may purchase as many half-hour lessons as you would like using a PayPal account or a credit card.

After purchase, you will schedule your lesson time by emailing with your preferred date and time as well as your Skype name. Please also include your location and time zone to avoid scheduling confusion.

To pay for your online Skype lessons, you may use paypal or a credit card. Please enter your name, select years studying, and click the "Pay Now" button. Except for emergency situations, for your FIRST online lesson, you must purchase a minimum of TWO half-hour sessions. You may purchase as many half-hour lesson increments (at $50 each) as you would like
Years studying trumpet


Private, in-person lessons

To schedule a private 2 hour lesson with Roger, check the schedule, then email Vic and we'll set it up and put you on the calendar. If you have already scheduled a lesson and are at this page to make a payment, go to the pre-payment section of this page.

Roger always encourages each and every student to make an audio recording or film (for their own use) at their private lesson(s.) Roger does NOT grant permission to post these recordings online in any form. Many times he only sees a student once - or once every few years. Each lesson is tailor-made for the individual and their specific goals at that time. Much of his approach to teaching (especially on a one-time basis) is the discussion of concepts, principles, the application of same, and overall troubleshooting based on observations he makes of the student's playing, and their existing method of applying playing mechanics.

Private lessons are scheduled for a minimum of 2 hours and cost US $100 per hour. A form to pre-pay $200 for a 2 hour lesson is below. (Today's conversion rates for various currencies can be found at google: Australian dollar, Euro, or Pound).
For local Chicago-area high school, junior high, and grade school students who are studying with Roger on a regular basis, Roger's rate is $75 for a one hour lesson once per week. Lessons are scheduled for weekday afternoons or Saturday mornings.

Bring a tape/digital recorder, your trumpet, and any mouthpieces you are currently using.

Students are encourged to become familiar with Roger's approach and philosophies. Information on Roger's book, Clinical Notes on Trumpet Playing is available on the "Books" page of the publisher's site, You may also place an order from that site. This book is a great resource for students, and presents much of the material that is covered in lessons and clinics.

  • Lessons in the Chicago area held at Roosevelt University or at home in La Grange.
  • When on a "Pedagogy Tour," depending on the city, lessons are held at either a University, a KHS/Jupiter Music dealer, or in a private studio.
  • While away from home for recording sessions, or presenting concerts and/or masterclasses, a private lesson can usually be scheduled at the concert or clinic venue. Lessons will last for a minimum of 2 hours.
  • In some cases, like recording sessions, the venue is not available prior to the event. In these instances, renting the lesson location is the responsibility of the student.
  • For example, lessons in NYC can be held at Michiko Rehearsal Studios at Roberto's Winds, 149 W 46th St (between 6th and 7th Aves). Their phone number is +1.212.302.4011. The studio rental cost for 2 hours is currently $36, payable directly to Michiko's at the time of the lesson.
    Lessons in London can be held at Schott Music, 48 Great Marlborough St, W1F 7BB. Their telephone is +44.(0)20.7292.6090. Studio rental cost for the 2 hour lesson ranges from £20 to £30, depending on time of day. The studio rental is payable directly to Schott at the time of the lesson.

A significant amount of material can be covered in a 2 hour lesson, so you are strongly encouraged to bring some type of tape player or digital device to record it. This recording is for the student's personal use; Roger does NOT give permission for this material to be posted on youtube or elsewhere online.

The student may pay cash at the lesson, or pre-pay via credit card or paypal.
Paypal and Credit Card Pre-Payment for Private Lessons

If you would like to prepay for a 2 hour private lesson, you may pay the $200 via paypal (or credit card) here. Please enter your name, select years studying, and click the "Pay Now" button.

Years studying trumpet


If you would like to prepay for a 45 minute private lesson, you may pay the $75 via paypal (or credit card) here. Please enter your name, select years studying, and click the "Pay Now" button.

Years studying trumpet


To make a payment in some other amount, enter your name and click this "Pay Now" button. On the secure payment page, change the desired amount in the quantity field - and then click "Update Totals".

Type of Payment Selected

For Credit Card payments, click Continue beneath the header Don't have a PayPal account on the bottom of the page you land on after clicking Pay Now.

If you charge the lesson fee to a credit card (via paypal or directly) the charge will show on your statement as PAYPAL-ROGERINGRAM.

Roger's continuing students can email to request a paypal link to autopay for regular lessons by credit card.

These are just a few of Roger's many students
Roger at Washington Music Center with a student
Roger and student, Larry Kershishnik
at Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center
Wheaton, MD
Roger in Maryland with a student
Roger and student, Tom Davis
at Maryland Trumpet Day
Bel Air, MD
Roger at UMSL with students
Roger, a bit tired after 13 hours of teaching...
with Dustin Shrum and Kim Aubuchon
University of Missouri St Louis
Roger at Michiko's Rehearsal Studio NYC with a student
Roger and student, Greg Deamer
at Michiko's Rehearsal Studio, NYC
Roger at NYU in NYC with a student
Roger and student, Travis Woods
at New York University
Roger in the Orpheum Theatre with a student
Roger and student, Jeremy Duresky
backstage at the Orpheum Theatre
Minneapolis, MN
Roger in Ottawa with a student
Roger and student, Alan Lummiss
backstage Ottawa, Ontario

Roger with trumpet player Michael Holiday
at the Maryland Trumpet Day
Bel Air, MD

Trombonist, Derek Pyle with Roger
After the clinic at Waukee High School
Roger with a student
Roger and Brian Nadeau
after the lesson in Maine
Roger with a student
Clair Hogan and Roger
Clair studied locally with Roger
while in high school
Roger with a student
Roger and Ian Grahm-White
Ian currently studies with Roger
Roger with a student
John Listorti and Roger
after John's lesson with Roger at
Stewarts Music in CT
Roger with a student
Roger and Tim Bales
Tim has studied privately with Roger
for a number of years
Roger with a student
Bryan Davis and Roger
Bryan has taken a few lessons
with Roger over the years
Roger with a student
Roger and Ryan Resky
after a recent lesson
Nicholas Turner and Roger
Nicholas Turner and Roger
after Nick's lesson
Roger with a student
Roger and Harold Crane
Harold currently studies with Roger


Comments from trumpeters who have studied with Roger:

  • " I would like to thank you Roger, for showing me the way of playing in the upper register. My lesson with you opened up a whole new avenue of playing for me. It's like you said, "I'm dating my horn for the first time, so take it slow and it will be there when you need it." Roger, that is so true. When I first came to you for a lesson, I was a high E player. Now 2 weeks later, I have a consistent AA, and I'm gaining each week. The breathing system you have shared has made my playing much easier and has opened up my sound even more so. Roger, again thank you for your time and best of luck to you. You are such a talent, keep playing man."
    Carlo Isabelli, Joliet, IL
  • " I had a lesson with Roger in a dressing room after a sound check for the Paul Anka show. Roger was more than willing to share his ideas on breathing and embouchure as it applies to playing lead trumpet. He has "real-world" knowledge and tons of experience of playing lead and he was able to verbalize how he approaches playing the instrument. The atmosphere was professional, but it was also very relaxed. Roger was able to give me some new insight and he was able to give me some new (good) habits to practice. I look forward to a follow-up lesson with Roger in the future."
    Jason S. Plosch, A1C, USAF Band of Flight
  • " There are a thousand great things that I could say about my lesson with Roger. It's a rarity and pleasure to find someone that is not only great trumpet player, but is also able to so clearly define exactly how he does what he does and how to incorporate that into your own playing world. On top of being an amazing trumpet player and teacher, as many people know already, he's also a genuinely nice person. I was truly expecting to be nervous and uneasy playing in front of Roger....when I arrived we hung out for a while after his sound check joking around a little bit, talked to the rest of the band, and by the time we started the lesson i felt like i was sitting in the room with a friend of mine and was completely at ease. Everything was great, and I can already feel the new breathing technique working to my advantage after just a few days. Thanks a lot, Roger. It was really nice to meet you and i'll be looking forward to our next lesson."
    Matt Day, Portland, Maine
  • " I knew Roger from the NYC scene and before that only from his Harry Connick recordings. It was a real pleasure and great experience to get this lesson with one of the best lead trumpeters of our time. I felt my playing improve dramaticly after this one lesson. The breathing system that he taught me, really opened my sound and made me play the trumpet so much easier. I have to thank Roger for taking time out of his busy schedule to give me this lesson, it was well worth it.
    Keep swingin' Rog!"
    Ryan Resky, NYC
  • " Let me just say the lessons were an awesome and life changing experience. Roger was more than generous with his time and knowledge. Told me what was wrong with my setup, how to fix it and had the ability to demonstrate the results that will come from the correct setup. Truly a great person and an amazing trumpet player. "
    Tony Gehrt, Atlanta
  • "The time spent with Roger was fantastic! ...demonstrating his technique and listening to us play and helping us with our breathing and range. We were awestruck of his abilities and his willingness to share his talents with us. "
    Jay Copenhaver, Sr. and Jay Copenhaver, Jr., Pittsburgh
  • "Roger unmistakenly personifies a level of excellence that all trumpet players should strive for. Studying with Roger has taken my playing to new " heights ". Not only is he the one of the best lead players in the world, I am happy to say that Roger is also a friend and a great human being. "
    Kevin Prouse, Seattle
  • "My lesson with Roger was wonderful! He's a pretty interesting guy, and sure has a lot of stories! The lesson went great. In a matter of 2 days, I was able to do things that I've NEVER been able to do before! ... Roger showed me what I was doing correctly, and what I needed to improve on.... a tune up, so to speak."
    Pete Berg, Grand Forks ND

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