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 Guest Artist and Clinician Info
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"In December 2008 I was asked to contribute to the design, research, and development of the new XO Professional 1600I Bb trumpet for KHS / Jupiter. In mid-September 2009 I play-tested and approved the prototypes. I take my hat off to the design team and technicians who developed and assembled this model. These horns are consistent and fabulous."
  -- Roger Ingram
You can try this fine instrument at a Jupiter Dealer Location near you.

Here is a pdf file of the official XO Accessories info document which is included with each new horn purchase. This describes all the "extras" that come with the 1600I trumpet (an extra tuning slide, brass valve guides, heavy bottom caps, lighter weight springs, lightweight finger buttons) AND the XONS, the "XO Nodal Stabilizers" that Roger designed to improve upper register slotting.

Roger plays the XO Brass 1600I Bb trumpet of his own design. This trumpet was created after extensive research by Roger and the XO Brass design team. Roger also plays the XO Brass model 1646R flügelhorn, the XO Brass 4-valve Bb/A model 1700RS piccolo trumpet and the XO Brass model 1624 C trumpet. (XO Trumpets)

Roger designed the "Ingram Signature Line" of trumpet mouthpieces in 2008 which are available online. All Ingram Signature Line mouthpieces are manufactured by Peter Pickett of "Pickett Blackburn" in Lexington, Kentucky. These mouthpieces are available through One Too Tree Music Products.
For all of Roger's instruments (Bb, C, and Piccolo trumpets, flügelhorn, Bb and Eb cornet) Roger exclusively plays custom mouthpieces jointly designed by him and Peter Pickett.

When Roger needs work done on his horns, Steve Winans, aka "Dr. Valve," is his preferred brass instrument technician.

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